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Poll Results: Do you use group tabs in Lotus Notes?

Not a whole lot of participants in this past poll but I do find the stats a bit interesting.  The grouping of tabs was a pretty big user interface change in Lotus Notes 8 and I am pretty amazed that many people didn’t even know about it at all.  Tabs in Lotus Notes are actually pointers to Eclipse perspectives, the new UI for the tabs is really a perspective switcher on steroids.  If you are just seeing this topic for the first time you can check out the post where I explain what group tabs are: click here.

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Poll: Do you use group tabs in Lotus Notes?

I figured since I received a lot of responses and emails about the group tabs post that I would actually create a poll for people to vote.

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Do you use group tabs in Lotus Notes?

In Lotus Notes, you can group your opened tabs by groups.  You can enable groups tabs in the preferences tab:

The result is your tabs will now be grouped under a single tab with a number.  Then, you can click on the down arrow to switch between the tabs:

New Polls Page and a little bit of JQuery!

You can check out the new polls page, the link is at the top of the site. I used a JQuery plugin for the slide show effect on the page. JQuery comes with WordPress so enabling this plugin was a snap. I can even embed the same JQuery code on this post:

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I decided to use the DIV Slide Show JQuery code that Kevin created. Make sure you donate if you use his stuff!


Poll: Do you or your customers develop or use applications on salesforce.com?

I have been checking out developer.force.com this week and it is a pretty extensive cloud based solution for developing, deploying, and using applications in the cloud.  I checked out their Eclipse based development videos and the development environment looks pretty comprehensive.  I would like to hear if anyone who reads this blog has any real experiences they would like to share about it.  I am also interested to hear how many of my readers have real exposure to SalesForce.com.

If you use SalesForce.com in any manner, application use, develop for, deploy on, integrate with or any of the above please take some time to post your answer below and possibly a comment on your experiences.

If you are a Lotus customer I would like to hear how you integrate your XPages, Domino or Notes applications with SalesForce.com.

Thanks in advance!

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