Lotus Traveler and the HTC Mogul

As promised,here is the new phone that I got for Christmas. The only thing I can say after using it for a week is “I love it”. Having Lotus Notes Email, Calendar, Contacts and a 4 GB chip for my music makes this my all-in-one device. So far – because I have been using it pretty much all day – the battery seems to be lasting as advertised – around 5-6 hours. I love the fact you can charge it using the USB port on your laptop or computer. The application memory seems a little small and you really can not run more than a few applications at once. It has locked up a couple of times but just restarting fixes it – which it usually locks up because of network activity or connections going down. The good news is you can completely customize the power and communication settings. So to stop warnings, messages and power consumption I use the hardware radio toggle button to turn off all blue-tooth and wireless activity. I love the pull out keyboard – I find it very easy to type and find the right keys. Mixing the keyboard with the touchscreen makes for pretty flexible input.

What amazes me still is how many unsecured wireless access points there are around town – some intentional and some not.

Lastly, I love the fact I can use any of my music as ring tones. This sounds like a trivial feature but it is amazing how many phones make you pay for them.

Back to Lotus Traveler – while the calendar and email are great. I truly love the fact that my contacts are managed in Notes. If something goes awry you can just delete all and just re-synchronize with the server – fortunately I have not had to do any of that yet.

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IBM Lotus Notes Traveler

I don't often talk so positively about a product with only a few days using it but I had to write about the Lotus Notes Traveler. For the first time ever (for me at least) I have a phone that is 100% my PDA and phone (more about the phone later). Two days ago I installed the Lotus Notes Traveler and now have my corporate email, contacts, journal, and tasks all on the device and synchronizing with my server. The great part is, I have had my contacts for almost 11 years in Lotus Notes. Email, phone, addresses, etc. and now it is all on my PDA and I can use it to email and make phone calls. No more typing that stuff into each new phone or duplicating the stuff in several places. This is awesome!

My phone supports blue tooth, wifi, and of course over the providers phone network. So having things like Sametime and Notes mail on it is great!

Composite Applications on the Rich Client Birds of a Feather

Hope to see you there.

BOF108: Composite Applications on the Rich Client
Stanley Dunne, IBM
Robert Balfe, IBM

Date: Tuesday, January 22, 2008
Time: 7:00 -8:00 a.m.
Location: Swan Hotel, Osprey 1&2

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Calling isWired() prior to publishing a property

Something I noticed when looking at some composite applications is many components blindly publish a property. In some cases this may be fine because there may be generic listeners but in the world of declarative wires (the user assembler chooses communication) you may want to optimize the runtime by seeing if any components are wired to you before publishing your property. This will save a lot of CPU cycles since checking for a wire is a lot quicker then publishing a property onto the queue – which goes through a lot more validation.

Here is a snippet of code you may want to checkout. It checks to see if a specific property for a given owner instance is wired to another component prior to constructing its value and posting the property change.

PropertyBroker broker = PropertyBrokerFactory.getBroker();

if (broker.isWired(prop)){
JSONObject jsonObj = new JSONObject();
jsonObj.append("event", name);
jsonObj.append("component.id", id);

PropertyValue pv = PropertyFactory.createPropertyValue(prop, jsonObj.toString());
broker.changedProperties(new PropertyValue[] { pv }, id);

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IdeaJam: Make Admin Panels eclipse Views


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Domino Admin and some of its functionality

Now that the notes client has move to Eclipse, what about Domino Admin? I was thinking, a great side panel view could be something similar to the Files panel in the Domino Administrator. I could then do actions on multiple databases at a time, like compact, fixup, replicate, or signing right from the main notes client UI.

I mentioned this to Art Thomas – the Admin dev lead and he thought the idea was cool but I was wondering if anyone else would think this is cool?

Now that I think of it, the Domino Administrator should just be a perspective in the notes client. This way I never have to leave my main window.


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Domino Designer and Composite Applications

I am in the process of creating many samples and proof of concepts for Notes 8.x. I want the samples to be cool, new, and useful so I find myself doing many things in Eclipse, Designer, and CAE. The problem I have is when you develop an application where you have code in those places debugging it is a bear! I really can not wait until Designer moves to Eclipse and I also can not wait until I can debug Eclipse plugin code and LotusScript all in one IDE.

I am not on the designer team and I have not looked at their plans but if you think I have a point or are experiencing the same issues then get with you IBM contact and get this requirement in! I am sure Maureen would love to hear any feedback on this subject. And of course we all know the customer rules so your feedback is a lot more important than mine. 🙂

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