IBM Announces version 9 of WebSphere Commerce!

So much to be writing about for version 9! I am overly excited about this release of WebSphere Commerce Version 9. This is essentially a brand new platform, a complete technology update, and most of all a true Microservices architecture which is not only lightweight and self-contained but built on Docker containers for continuous delivery!

Mix that with over 20 years of tooling enhancements and functionality and you have the best eCommerce platform on the planet. Having the option to be manage hosted by IBM in a private cloud or run WebSphere Commerce on premise gives you the best options that fit your company and staffing needs.

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Webinar: An End-to-End B2C Watson Customer Engagement Demonstration

Register for the webinar that will be on December 7th, three different times for three different time zones. Yours truly will be showing an end to end demonstration of the IBM Watson Customer Engagement portfolio. Register today!

Video: An End-to-End B2B Watson Customer Engagement Demonstration

B2B is being transformed by cloud and digital and the Watson Customer Engagement platform is leading the way. Take a look at this end to end B2B story that brings together eCommerce, Marketing, and Supply Chain.

Need help running your marketing campaigns? Then Ask Watson!

With Watson, you have an analyst watching over your campaign performance so you can focus on the big picture. By reviewing complex data and bringing the results right to your fingertips, Watson helps you come to conclusions faster than ever before, giving you the ability to reach your full potential.

Webinar: Watson Customer Engagement B2B End-to-End Demonstration – 11/30

Three different time zones, yours truly will be hosting a webinar featuring an end-to-end demonstration of a Watson Customer Engagement B2B scenario! Come and see how eCommerce, Marketing, and Supply Chain all work together in the Watson Customer Engagement portfolio.

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Becoming an IBM Cloud Developer, the easy way.

The IBM Cloud, previously know as IBM BlueMix, seems to be getting a lot of press lately. More and more of our commerce customers are asking about Watson and this development platform. The platform has been greatly expanded over the past few years and is now considered a first class cloud development platform. As outlined here, this has turned into $15 Billion of revenue for IBM and seems to be growing each quarter. The IBM Cloud is now ranked in the top 5 cloud platforms by Bob Evans,¬†displacing Google and Oracle and Bob seems to hint it will probably be moving further up the list. It is no coincidence that one of the key elements to this platform is Watson and the cool API’s it brings to the table. I am seeing some amazing integrations being done into existing applications with some of these Watson API’s. But what is more interesting is the full life cycle development a team can do 100% in the cloud.


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Video: Enhance applications with Watson APIs


I get a lot of questions from customers for how they can enhance their applications with Watson API’s. ¬†Well, as part of the Cloud Application Developer Certification Preparation course on IBM’s developer site, is this great video with a high level view on how you can do this: